Through Darkness



Availability ended 9/14/2020 EST
Without the dark, we wouldn't see the light so bright
In Northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle, five young people, some local, some visitors, are out in the mountains during the polar nThis story takes the audience on a journey through darkness, showing what we need in order to overcome the difficulties that we face as individuals. Visually the team of pro snowboarders including Manuela Mandl (Freeride World Champion 2018), Melissa Brandner, Erik Verlo, Krister Koppola and Hampus Cederholm, navigate their way through steep exposed avalanche terrain, searching for the perfect line under the glow of the northern lights.ight. Their attention to the dark is curious, their perception focused on the immediate surroundings, and their field of view is narrowed along with the length of day. Everyday life becomes a challenge, one's own rhythm changes. Although we often perceive darkness simply as the absence of light…. Can it creep into our lives in another form? Can we really understand the fullness of life when we are buried in a crisis? Do we in fact need darkness, in order to recognise the brightness of light? Stay tuned in after the credits for an interview with the filmmakers, Melissa Brandner and Manuela Mandl.


Directed by Melissa Brandner & Manuela Mandi

Written by Melissa Brandner

Production Company Media på Kanten

Produced by Melissa Brandner
Manuela Mandl

Cast Hampus Cederholm
Krister Kopala
Eirik Verlo
Melissa Brandner
Manuela Mandl